ATI – Alta Tecnologia Italiana was born in the late 80s in Italy and the first products have been marketed in March 1990. 

The founder, owner and general manager Mr. Giovanni d’Albertis who now is 67 years old, founded IIAF, (Industria Italiana Alta Fedeltà – High Fidelity Italian Industry) a company manufacturing car and home audio products in 1979.

After 10 years manufacturing hi-fi products, as they were identified in the 70s, Mr. Giovanni d’Albertis felt the need to pursue a research of new materials and technologies to set new frontiers in the audio industry and founded ATI. 

Many of the products designed and engineered by Mr. d’Albertis remained at the prototype stage as always happens when someone is searching unique features while the first ATI products hitting the market in March 1990 and in the following years were a real shock…

Nobody before ATI used in the entire line Neodymium, Strontium and Alnico magnets to provide a greater magnetic field and a better control to the speakers…Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Nomex were just unknown materials to the audio industry before ATI used them…and this was just the beginning.

Excellent tweeters, dome midranges, full range mid/basses a full range of subwoofers including small cabinets using a 4 inches woofer featured the line.

Mr. Giovanni d’Albertis had such a great success with this line innovating the market that he was literally overwhelmed with orders not just from Italy

In the following years, because of his technical attitude, Giovanni d’Albertis decided to change his main business and he transformed the company from a car speaker manufacturer to a company manufacturing parts for speakers, ie: cones, dampers and dust caps. Among his clients we could name most of the premium manufacturers we all know and ATI manufacturing was on hold for many years.