Innovation is not a slogan, we back it up with facts since the 90s and since then all our innovations have been introduced to increase the sound quality or to ease the installation into a car.

2012 – Restart of ATI: After more than 20 years we realized that the initial projects and designs were actual more than ever and with the development of new materials many projects too advanced for the 90s have been redesigned to reach new standards.

First company in the world to re-start after more than 20 years.

2013 – The new ATI lines have been completed and in this year, as industry firsts, we can list:

First full cotton fiber cone: to provide the smoothest response on the mid frequencies and a soft audiophile bass.

First crystallized cone: To reach a superior musical quality we combined the smoothness of a pure cotton cone with the rigidity of an accellerated mineral crystallization of the cone itself. In this way we acquired the necessary rigidity to provide an excellent bass response without losing the delicate touch on the upper frequencies. This unique process has been used for the first time in the audio industry by ATI in 2013 and immediately became a success.

First cone midrange with  the push-pull ferrite/neodymium magnet and metal jacket. To minimize the size of the speaker, we use the ferrite magnet for the “hard job” and the neodymium to refine the musical details, both focusing the magnetic power on voice coil thanks to the metal jacket. The metal jacket is a copper insulation of the iron core to maximize the magnetic field.

First dual layer cone in copper and fiberglass. Fiberglass provide stiffness while copper has the weight to repeoduce the lower frequencies.

2014 – ATI products hit the world market announcing the engineering plans for the future:

First presentation of the WMT concept in the audio history: the first all round speaker able to reproduce the spectrum of frequencies of three speakers combined with the same details and same sensibility. The speaker is revolutionary because just in 2.5 inches there is a whole world of music, no need of a crossover (just a subsonic filter) and easy positioning in the factory locations and/or on the poles of a car with a minimum weight an size.

2015 – ATI Innovations and firsts in the industry 

First 3” Midrange with High-Tight basket. The High-Tight has been used only for speakers of bigger diameters and never before for small speakers. The fiber has been balanced to provide a stiffness similar to steel and a much better resistance to traction without decreasing the sound dampening performances; a small miracle of miniaturization.

2016 – ATI is setting the bar higher than ever

First WMT to hit the market. When the WMT concept has been presented in 2014 it seemed just a dream, a dream that became real in 2016.

2017 – ATI  presents the new lines

After three years of presence in the market, we renewed all the lines using new materials and new manufacturing techniques refining the crystallization process introduced in 2014. Technology runs faster than ever before and we do keep the pace.

2018 – ATI developed a worldwide selling network

New distributors in many countries join the ATI family, just to name a few, beside Italy, Brazil, Denmark, China, France, Germany, Korea, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Russia, Spain, Sweden,UK, Taiwan, USA and many more

2019 – ATI finalize the new lines to hit the market in 2020 to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Three years of researches to set new standards.

2020 – ATI hits the market with Larimar treated and crystallized cones.

The crystallization process, unique to ATI reached a new standard with the new process for an incredible sound quality, now we can control also the structure of the crystals through the nucleation of Larimar, a rare blue pectolite found for the first time in Italy in 1850.